August 29, 2014

Saturday Morning Errands

Here's another pairing with those embroidered capris :)
I mixed two patterns (stripes and the embroidered paisley pattern) together, and it actually looks good because the embroidered thread is a silvery-white, which matches the silver stripes on the white tee. The trench coat (thanks Laura!) ties the whole look together; it's clean and simple and sophisticated. The clean & bright colors on the top bring out the light design on the capris. And just to top everything off, the peach colored gem necklace adds another level of sophistication to the outfit and brings some "hardness" to the outfit (complements the metal details on the trench and contrasts the overall soft appearance of the shirt and pants).

Top: Thrifted from Salvation Army but it's by JCrew (Artist collection)
Embroidered Capris: thrifted from Salvation Army
Trench: it was a gift but it's by Forever 21
Necklace: gift from my uncle

The shoes that I would pair with this outfit are a pair of simple black flats or my cat flats or a clean & simple pair of black strappy heels (these look GORGEOUS).

I called this outfit "Saturday Morning Errands" because I imagined myself wearing this while walking around a cute little European downtown city (still dreaming of Leipzig), running errands, stopping by the farmers' market/grocery store, and getting coffee. But in reality, I'd just wear this anywhere...but most likely school lol. If you're looking for another way to style these pants, click here!

xoxo, Hannah

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