August 14, 2014

Rhode Island Antiques Mall Experience

Wait. No blog post for two days?!

Yeah, I know, but we spent nearly 4 hours in the car a day ago and I just needed a breather. Plus,
the internet in Hyannis wasn't the safest, and Google didn't allow me to do a lot of things (like check my email)
because it was that "unsafe"...which makes sense because my laptop crashed two days ago (it's okay now) even though it
isn't even a year old and I never download anything!

When we went to Providence, we stopped by an antique store in Pawtucket, called "Rhode Island Antiques Mall".
It was definitely an experience.

There were your typical antiques, such as jewelry and lamps, but then there were things that I never expected to
find: antique cameras, navy captain hats from World War II, guitars and trombones, comics, patches (which I was
very happy about and a DIY will come out as soon as I catch up with all the vacation blog posts), suitcase trunks,
books, home decor pieces, bar tables (we found an absolutely AMAZING one ---it was lined with some kind of cushiony
leather material ---even though I don't support buying leather anymore --- and was only $250 ), and even vintage juke
boxes (small table side ones and a LARGE one ---i mean this was three times my size).

the amazing bar table

i LOVE vintage things and I really wanted this trunk xD

The prices for these pieces vary; the first floor (that you first walk into) contains the priciest items, and the
basement contains much more affordable items. The first floor is organized the best, I think, because in the basement,
you really have to look carefully to really find everything. There are little gems and treasures hidden EVERYWHERE!
When I was little, I used to love treasure hunting in my basement through old boxes to find old toys that I had forgotten
about or little trinkets I can display in my room, and this instinctive love and desire to search and treasure hunt really
complemented my experience at this store. It can be overwhelming because there are just so many things to search through,
and even though I'm not an antique-enthusiast by any means, I found it to be a really fun experience. We spent nearly 2
hours at that store when we planned to spend less than 1.

Did I buy anything? Only two items: a $1 patch and a $2 patch. Boring? Eh, I guess, I mean it's not like I bought a
juke box or anything...BUT I have been searching for patches for a VERY long time, and the ones on etsy range from
$8-$20 for just one patch (excluding shipping costs, and each seller has their own shipping costs and I'm not going to buy
a patch for $15 plus shipping), so I definitely think this trip was worth while. Plus, I got a little history lesson just
by looking through antique objects: I saw antique posters, antique stamp boxes (or whatever it's called), antique furniture...
everything had a story at some point in time, and it just blew my mind to think about how old some of these objects were and who
could have touched these objects some 100 years ago.

I definitely recommend coming to this antique shop if you're ever in Providence ;)

xoxo, Hannah

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