August 27, 2014

Revamping A Room With One Change: Repainting My Room

(these photos were taken when the lights were turned on in my room; the lights are "yellow lights" so they give off a little more warmth but they do distort some color. the rest of the photos were taken in natural daylight)

My room has been a light lilac/pink color since my family first moved into the house (when I was 5, 12 years ago). It's a sweet color and it's comforting, but there's a whole lot of pink in my room (from pillows, to frames, to bedsheets), and nothing stands out. I've wanted to repaint my room for the last two years, and FINALLY , with my dad's help, we repainted the room. WHOOHOO!!

Step 1: Clear out most of the furniture except for the heaveiest things. While you're doing that, WIPE EVERYTHING DOWN so that there's no dust!! Remove any hanging things/nails on your walls, and also remove the outlet covers (be careful!!).

Step 2: Cover the stuff that you've left in your room with plastic so any dripping paint doesn't ruin it.

Step 3: Paint your ceiling (apparently, there are specific kinds of white for ceilings that are different from the whites for walls and doors)

Step 4: Once the ceiling has been painted and is dry, line the ceiling with tape so you don't ruin the white paint when you paint the walls. Line your windows and the crown molding on your floor with tape too.

Step 5: Paint the walls! (We painted the walls using the large roller and I filled in the spots and edges with a paintbrush. We painted everything twice. (My dad recommends Benjamin Moore paint because i'ts thickest)

Step 6: Once the wall paint is dried, paint the walls and the crown molding on the floor with a "high gloss paint". It actually really makes a difference once you repaint those little details.

Step 7: Once the "high gloss paint" is dry, move everything back into its place. Welcome to your new room ;)

the wall color is "slate pebble" or something (grey basically) but it looks like it's slightly green in some photos. rest assured, it's still a very calming color that looks a lot more grown up ;)

this project took 2 days: from 12-9 on Sunday, then 8-11 on Monday.

Step 8: Fuel yourself with rewarding food (especially if you didn't eat breakfast that day) 

coconut water (for electrolytes)

a delicious salad: basil, mint, lettuce, craisens, 2 hard boiled eggs (egg whites only), sundried tomatoes, carrot ginger dressing

exotic harvest terra chips (a once in a while treat that is SO worth it: carrot, blue potato, and kabocha aka japanese pumpkin chips)

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