August 20, 2014

Restaurant Review (with lots of photos!): The Green Lotus Cafe (Hyannis, MA)

Prices: $-$$
Location: Hyannis, MA (in Cape Cod)
Portions: Small-Medium
Ambiance: Cute little cafe with bright green walls and lots of gorgeous photos hung all around it that are for sale; you can seat yourself at a little table or at the bar area; while waiting for your food, you can read one of their two books, "Main Street Vegan" (which I want to buy now cause it's so good!) or another about the human relationship with cooking, or watch them make your food ;)
Service: Everyone is nice and the owner is really nice too; for some reason, I expected everyone to be super cheery and enthusiastic but everyone was pretty mellow and absorbed in their work; you're gonna have to wait a bit for your food/juice (about 10-15 minutes) but everything is so fresh (they make their own breads)! I wish they'd display their prices for their juices (they only display them for their smoothies on their in-store menu), so you might end up paying for a very expensive juice if you don't realize.
Verdict: I would definitely come here again (and I went there twice), and I just really love the place. There isn't any vegan/vegetarian cafe in my area with lots of healthy food that I'm into, and I was just so inspired by this cafe (I've been dreaming of opening my own cafe similar to this one since last year, but coming here gave me the push to REALLY want it and start planning stuff ;) )

they have very high quality green tea

Quick and Simple

"one oven baked egg, cheddar cheese, tomato, red onion, Dijon mayonnaise on a soft spelt English muffin……………………………………………………$4.00"

Pecan Splendor Granola with Almond Milk

I saw granola and I was just craving it, so instead of trying one of their many other menu items, I went for the granola. They have 2 kinds, pecan splendor and an apple muesli, so I went for the crunchy pecan splendor. It's good (probably VERY lightly sweetened with maple) but not super crunchy like I'd expect it to be but I guess it's healthier that way. I really like that they have a variety of milks to choose from (whole, fat free, soy, almond, coconut), but I don't think it's really worth trying the granola if you're only here once. Try the sandwiches instead!

Green Eggs and Seitan

Seitan is made of wheat gluten (and yes, I tried a super tiny piece but I had to! and it did kind of taste like ham).
" one oven baked egg or marinated portabella mushroom, spinach, Swiss, avocado, house-made hickory smoked seitan on house-baked 7-grain…………………….…….……………………………………..……………$6.95"

Sand Trap

"roasted red bell pepper hummus, dill havarti, lettuce, shredded carrot, avocado, roasted red bell pepper, sprouts on house-baked 7-grain…$8.00"

We also tried their Darth Vadar juice and Carrot Infinity juice that day.

I was surprised that they don't display their juice prices anywhere! Their Darth Vadar juice was about $8-ish?!?!?!
The cost can really add up at this place.

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

"coconut milk, puréed pumpkin, pecans, spices, Organic maple syrup, banana" ($6)
The pumpkin taste is very strong and it's not very sweet at all, so if you're expecting more of a store-bought pumpkin pie taste, expect something less sweet but still really yummy!

Maui Sandwich on gluten-free multigrain

"creamy avocado spread, coconut bacon, pineapple relish, lettuce, tomato, sprouts on house-baked 7 grain…………$8.00"
This was an expensive little sandwich because I subbed gluten-free multigrain for an extra $1! But I really wanted to try coconut bacon after watching it on Triple D xD The pineapple relish is very sweet so that pretty much overpowered most of the taste, but I really enjoyed this sandwich. The coconut bacon isn't made out of large coconut chips, it's made out of thin desiccated coconut flakes, so you really have to search for it! It's pretty good too.

Buffalo Tempeh

"Organic soy tempeh smothered in Buffalo sauce, lettuce, tomato, bleu cheese dressing on house-baked 7 grain………………….$8.25"

This is a very messy sandwich. that's all I can say xD

xoxo, Hannah

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