August 20, 2014

Restaurant Review: Seaside Pub on Main (Hyannis, MA)

Prices: $-$$
Location: Hyannis, MA (in Cape Cod)
Portions: Large 
Ambiance: Dark and lit by glowing lights (as you would expect for a pub), not crowded at all compared to the many other restaurants on Main Street (but we had heard good reviews so we entered), you can see people making pizzas on one side and there's a bar with a few TVs on the other side, there's music playing in the background (too loud for my dad but the rest of us didn't notice anything)
Service: The waitress was very patient and kind but they weren't very flexible with the menu (they ran out of one kind of cod and wasn't willing to grill the fish instead of frying it); there's a gluten-free menu (which had an extensive list of things that I could eat, including a rice flour-based tempura battered cod!)
Verdict: I would come again; there's a gluten-free menu and the portions were very large while the prices are very reasonable. I'd request for the chef to go lighter on anything spicy. The ambiance might not suit everyone's taste, but there's a variety of pub food that actually tastes good and is a bit "fancier" than typical pub food. 

NOLA Jambalaya

My dad was super tired after driving 4 hours that day from Boston to Provincetown to Hyannis (with LOTS of traffic) and they didn't have the cod, so he just went ahead with the jambalaya while trying to make it through a bad headache from the loud music...
so he didn't really enjoy the jambalaya very much :/ (he said it was very spicy too, and he can usually handle pretty spicy things)

My brother said that "it's not too bad" but it's also "nothing special"

NY Strip Steak with a crispy potato pancake and jasmine rice

My brother, the carnivore, once again, got steak. What else is new? ;D
This whole plate (with 2 large sides and a huge chunk of meat) costed $21. That is a bargain.
And he said it was amazing.

Rice-Tempura battered Cod on a Gluten-Free Bun (without the remoulade) and cajun fries

This was the first time I had anything fried in a very long time because usually they're dipped in a regular flour batter, so I had to take advantage of this (I also wanted the veggie burger but that'll be for next time ;) ?).  They gave me a very very large piece of cod (much larger than the actual bun). It's crispier than the fish and chips battered cod that I've eaten in the past; maybe that's due to the rice flour tempura batter?

On the other hand, the cajun fries were WAY too spicy :( I really wish I just ordered sweet potato fries for an extra $1 lol 
I can't take anything spicy, but my mom and brother can, yet they still thought it was really spicy too.

My mom's salad with stuffed shrimp (no idea what the name of this is and I can't find it on their online menu)

It was a very large salad and my mom couldn't finish it ;) It looked like a pretty nice salad too; did they use a spiralizer?

xoxo, Hannah

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