August 9, 2014

Restaurant Review: The Red Parrot (8.7.14 | Newport, RI )

A photo diary of our second visit to the family friendly restaurant & bar in Newport, "The Red Parrot" :

Prices: $$-$$$ (quite expensive, but it all depends on what you order.)
Location: Right in the downtown area, across the street from the marina. 
Portions: Small - Medium (considering the price, they could have at least given larger portions of the sides)
Ambiance: Nice background music, friendly servers, New England pub/nautical theme decor (nautical but not tacky)
Verdict: I would return, but since it was my second time, I do want to venture out and try other restaurants next time I'm in town. There's the "Barking Crab" and "The Midtown Oyster" that I want to try out.

Coconut Shrimp Salad (I asked for grilled shrimp instead)
"Jumbo fried coconut shrimp over field greens, with pineapple, mandarin oranges and avocado. Served with strawberry balsamic dressing and sweet chili sauce."

This is served with an amazing strawberry balsamic vinaigrette! I didn't realize it, but the chili sauce was drizzled over already when the plate was served. I expected it to be a bit sweeter since the menu stated that it was a "sweet chili sauce", but it had a kick (then again, I'm incredibly sensitive to anything spicy). I really loved the flavor of grilled shrimp and I wish I had more xD (I shared the shrimp with my family; in this family, we share EVERYTHING). The plate looked big, but for a salad entree, it was actually smaller than I expected (I mean, why not add some more greens?! It's not expensive and I feel like most restaurants give larger portions for entree salads since you have to eat more greens to satiate your hunger compared to a typical fish & potatoes plate)

Coconut Mahi Mahi
"Oven baked Mahi topped with seafood stuffing and a coconut cayenne creme sauce over jasmine rice." 

Truly has a coconut flavor and was our 2nd time ordering this meal. The waiter said "niiiice choice"
when my dad ordered it.

NY Strip Steak
"12 ounces, thick and juicy, grilled to perfection -a perfect steak!"

My brother loved it, but then again, he loves any kind of steak ;) But it looked nice (didn't try it though ---pescatarian).

Lobster & Sole 
"Filet of yellow tail sole with fresh lobster meat, topped with a sun dried tomato and lobster cream sauce. Served with jasmine rice."

I really liked the sole; it was tender and flavorful, but I wasn't a fan of the lobster...I don't typically eat lobster so maybe I wasn't used to the taste? I think it was the texture that didn't mesh well with me, but my mom loved it.


That was my very first "restaurant review"! Hope you guys enjoyed it :)
xoxo, Hannah

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