August 11, 2014

Restaurant Review: Phoenix Dragon (8.8.14 | Providence, RI )

We found the Phoenix Dragon Restaurant through yelp, and my family and I had a really great experience there, mainly because of the customer service.

Prices: $-$$ (reasonable prices)
Location: about a 5-10 minute drive from downtown Providence
Portions: Medium 
Ambiance: The restaurant looks like it's in a house that's been renovated to be a restaurant; it's quite small inside but it's cozy and very clean. The manager was especially accommodating to my family (connections through our ethnicity) and offered us the private seating area that was "closed off", with a window seat. The servers were also very cheerful and friendly; overall, the staff was very kind and friendly to all the customers.
Verdict: We would return, not just because the food was good, but especially because of the customer service. We would, however, request that the food be less salty (which is something that was noted on yelp too)!

Alaska roll: raw salmon, avocado (no cucumber though), sesame seeds

It was fresh and it's my favorite kind of roll so I ate it happily ;) The sushi was the one of the first things to arrive, and it arrived promptly too. We read on yelp that the service was quick, and it really was.

Seaweed salad: actually store-bought, not made in the restaurant
Corn Soup: thick, creamy (but no dairy), egg whites (kind of like an egg-drop soup), a few chicken pieces, and corn

The soup was good and tasted like most of the other corn soups that I've eaten in the past. The seaweed salad is just a generic seaweed salad they bought at the store, but this is a Chinese restaurant, not a Japanese, and I don't think many restaurants make their own seaweed salad anyways. 

Chinese Broccoli

Cooked so that it's still crunchy but it was on the salty side.

Fish fillet in a sizzling pot

This is a classic that my family always orders, and it's one of my favorites. My dad said that the fish is coated with cornstarch (or else it would be too heavy with flour), and I didn't have any bad reactions to it so I think it is cornstarch and gluten-free but then again, I'm not severely allergic to gluten so don't take my word for it. There's tofu, snow peas, carrots, and a brown sauce.

Steamed tofu with shrimp paste and soy sauce

This was one of my favorite dishes; I love tofu and I had never really thought of eating steamed tofu with shrimp paste on top (i've always had fried tofu with the shrimp paste). Although most of the food was on the salty side, the soy sauce in this dish seemed to be less salty (maybe it was because the tofu was steamed and the soy sauce got watered down?). 

Fried Chicken with garlic and scallions

I didn't eat this, but my dad did say that this was one of the saltiest dishes of the night. On the other hand, my brother ate nearly half of this plate all by himself and he enjoyed it thoroughly! I liked how the chef had the carrot shaped like a lobster on the side for presentation ;) 

we just had an overall fun time as a family there that night :)

That's it for this restaurant review ;) ! I'm still away from home, and the internet was funky last night so I couldn't pre-write this post and schedule it to be published earlier this morning, so sorry for the late post xP! 

xoxo, Hannah

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