August 15, 2014

Restaurant Review: Maki Maki (Woburn, MA)


It's one my favorite foods, and when I can eat large amounts of it---I am not afraid to eat more than I can manage.

Prices: about $26 per person for dinner on a weekend
Location: Woburn, MA
Portions: Generally small - small/medium for personal plates; sushi is generally quite small in size 
Ambiance: very small area but nicely decorated with lights & bamboo reeds on the ceiling with paper umbrellas
Servicevery awkward and not very polite waiting staff (had to ask for water to be refilled and then waited for 5 minutes before she came to refill it), the ordering process was disorganized because there's no way for you to keep track of what you ordered and the items all come out at different times (my mom's appetizer that she ordered right when we sat down came out after we had ordered a second round of food), the food took much longer than expected to arrive
  1. the sashimi and sushi were very fresh
  2. DON'T order the calamari teriyaki because it is hard and chewy
  3. request for less teriyaki sauce on any kind of teriyaki you order because it was overly sweet (not authentic teriyaki)
  4. the salad bar was nice to have: seaweed salad, octopus salad, watermelon, pickled golden beets
  5. there was a pretty large variety of foods to choose from: typical sushi apps, sushi, sashimi, tempuras & crab puffs, udon soup, teryaki (small 1 person portions), pad thai (not worth trying)
  6. for dessert: 4 kinds of ice cream, 2 kinds of tempura (banana and oreo) that came with the price, pay extra $3 for banana split or ice cream tempura (which I think is kinda silly that you have to pay extra)
  7. typical 6 piece regular sushi rolls (large variety of vegetarian rolls & traditional rolls with a few anomalies like peanut avocado rolls
  8. exotic 8 piece rolls (majority had some kind of cream cheese in it, contained eel or salmon or "crab" meat, salmon roe, avocado, decorated all nice, some exotic sauce...), i couldn't eat these (I ate around some of the items and helped my family out by eating the rice part); one was made with shrimp tempura, banana tempura, and a soy paper wrap on the outside which was unique
Verdict: Overall,  the food was good and I'm a bit partial because I love any kind of sushi, but the quality of the food was high and there was a large variety to choose from so you can always try something new. The downside is that the servers put a damper on the experience and so was the amount of time it took for the food to arrive 
New England Patriot Roll

shrimp tempura, banana tempura, lobster salad and yuzu-mango sauce in a soy paper wrap

Peanut-Avocado Roll

Unique (never tried peanuts in sushi), and I'd order it again since I am that much of a peanut fanatic.

Dragon Roll

Avocado and eel sushi roll.

We definitely ate more than the bill for 4 people which was nice; got our money's worth

3 pieces salmon sashimi, 3 pieces tuna sashimi, 3 pieces white tuna sashimi

Rainbow Roll and Soft Shell Crab Roll

Rainbow roll had sashimi on it and it was good! My family liked the soft shell crab roll too.

Volcano Roll, Shrimp Tempura Roll, and  Alligator Roll (with eel, shrimp tempura, and avocado on top)::8 pieces each

The 8 piece specialty rolls are the most popular, but most of them have some kind of cream cheese or fried thing in them.

2 Mango (1/4 of a mango per order), 4 pieces of salmon sashimi, 3 pieces of white tuna sashimi

Sashimi was absolutely delicious (according to my mom, the mango was pretty good too). The mango had a sweet mango sauce drizzled over it. The plating is very artistic and nice, but I'd rather get the food sooner than wait around for an artistic plate...sorry...the good side to having to wait is that you have time for your food to digest a bit before eating more xD

Calamari Teriyaki

Not good. At all. Chewy. Hard. Gross. but we had to finish it because the restaurant's policy is to finish all your food (I assume, like from previous experiences, that you'd have to pay extra for wasted food)

Salmon Teriyaki

Would have been even more delicious if the sauce wasn't so sweet. The portion, as you can see, is very small and meant for a single person.

thanks for reading!!

xoxo, Hannah

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