August 19, 2014

Restaurant Review: Lobster Pot (Provincetown, Cape Cod, MA)

Prices: $$
Location: Provincetown, MA (in Cape Cod)
Portions: Medium-Large 
Ambiance: Busy but very family-friendly; there's two floors (you can see the kitchen right when you walk in on the first floor, and there's a balcony and bar on the second floor); it's located right on the beach so if you're lucky enough to get a window seat, you'll have a view of the beach where people are paddle-boarding and kayaking ;)
Service: The wait was only 10 minutes even though the whole place looked so packed; the servers were very friendly and accommodating, but they were quite busy so if you make a request, don't expect it to be fulfilled ASAP, but it will be fulfilled! They also have a gluten-free menu (and gluten free toast that can be brought out when the rest of your party gets their bread basket), and their bread basket has three types of breads (impressive).
Verdict: The portions are great, the food is high quality, and we had a really great experience, so we'd definitely come back! There are A LOT of restaurants in PTown, but we were all super happy that we came here.

the view from the balcony

Clam Chowder

The waiter was so thoughtful and brought out four spoons so everyone could get a bite of my mom's clam chowder xD (i'm very lactose intolerant, so I didn't, but the rest of the family loved it and the bowl was very large)

The impressive bread basket: Dinner rolls, pumpkin bread (wished so badly that i could eat it!), and herb crackers

Gluten-free oatmeal bread

I asked the waiter if there were any gluten-free rolls and he brought out a piece of gluten-free toast for me. I was really pleased that they had the option, but the oatmeal bread was very dry and crumbly :(  but still. they had the option, and that was really nice.

Cobb Salad (without bacon and with 2 pieces of grilled shrimp)

AMAZING. AMAZING. AMAZING. the grilled shrimp tasted even better than the grilled shrimp I had at The Red Parrot, and the salad was very very large with lots of awesome ingredients that I don't normally see in salads from restaurants. There's a hard-boiled egg, beets, avocado, roasted red peppers (but not charred), and tomatoes. Plus, the greens were super varied, there were beet greens (not tough and very easy to chew), butter lettuce, and mixed greens. It was well worth it :)

Assortment of dressings: honey mustard, ranch, bleu cheese, and sesame vinaigrette

The waiter brought all of these out (they don't make you pick just one, so you have the freedom to try them all). The sesame vinaigrette probably has soysauce (he said it's not gluten-free friendly), but I don't experience negative results when I eat soysauce, so I tried that anyways.

Mom's Lobster Roll and Mashed Potatoes

They give you a very large piece of lobster (my mom left the roll uneaten and ate the pumpkin bread xD) and the mashed potatoes aren't what you expect: it was a mix between mashed potatoes and potato salad.

Sole with Orzo

Cod with orzo

happy eating ;)

xoxo, Hannah

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