August 18, 2014

Restaurant Review: Le's Vietnamese Restaurant (Cambridge, MA)

Prices: $
Location: Cambridge, MA (right in Harvard Square)
Portions: Large 
Ambiance: casual and less of a formal "sit down" type of restaurant, dimly lit with bamboo themed decor; there's a main floor and small upper and lower seating areas as well. There's a sushi bar area (but I didn't see anyone there).
Service: The food came out on time but there wasn't any outstanding performance in terms of service. The waitresses looked very bored when serving but animated when talking to each other (which is understandable; they might have had a long day or something, but I think it's always important to at least smile, right?)
Verdict: I'd definitely come back here for the food because you get a lot and it tastes really good. My family loves Vietnamese food, the 3 love pho while I'm a total sucker for summer rolls and vermicelli salads (not the biggest fan of any kind of noodle soup although occasionally I crave pho), so this restaurant is perfect for us.
You can find parking right around the restaurant (away from the main street closest to Harvard) without having too much trouble, and the location is perfect because it's close to a lot of stores and it's in Harvard Square, so it's the perfect place to fuel up after walking around. There are a few higher class looking restaurants in the area but in this "mall", this is the only restaurant (everything else in the building is fast food/food court style). 

Crispy Spring Rolls (used to be one of my favs)

Dac Biet (Beef Noodle Soup)

Vermicelli with 2 tofu summer rolls 
("Crispy springrolls on top of vermicelli, shredded lettuce, mint, beansprouts and roasted peanuts. Served with nuoc cham." ---you can ask for either spring or summer rolls)

This was my dish, and I LOVED every single bite of it! The summer roll wrappers were most likely double layered, because it was quite thick and chewy, but I still really liked it. This was a very large bowl and I took some to go for the next day; you definitely get large portions. 

Salmon with Fresh Tomatoes (although i remember the red things being peppers....maybe their online menu is outdated)

xoxo, Hannah

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