August 17, 2014

Restaurant Review: 3 Country Bistro (Woburn, MA)

Prices: $
Location: Woburn, MA
Portions: Medium (you get your money's worth, I think)
Ambiance: very small area, so it's not the best for a large family/party, but it's cozy and there's a sushi bar area where you can also sit
Service: Very accommodating servers who were always refilling our water; the food arrived within a reasonable amount of time
Verdict: It's a nice restaurant with a variety of Asian cuisines to try (mostly Thai, but there's Japanese and Korean food); it's not really a place that I would want to come back to though since I'd like to try other places in the area (not one of those restaurants that you'd want to go back to all the time).

Tofu Pad See Yew

I ordered this, and I ate every little bit on the plate because I was STARVING. It was very sweet though; the sauce that was poured over was very thick and rich and sweet :/ 

Seafood Curry

My mom ordered this and there was a lot of seafood packed into this plate, so I definitely think that it's a good deal.

Bi Bim Bap

My dad's; I helped him eat the crunchy bits on the very bottom 'cause those are THE BEST!
My dad enjoyed this thoroughly, although he does enjoy anything with rice ;)


My brother is a total carnivore, and this dish is perfect for him (and used to be one of my favorite dishes before I became a pescatarian). It came on a cast iron pan so it was sizzling and hot; my brother's favorite part was drenching his rice with the sweet Korean bbq sauce.

xoxo, hannah

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