August 14, 2014

Quincy Market/Faneuil Hall Experience

The first place we went to in Boston was Quincy Market/Faneuil Hall.
First word that comes to mind: CROWDED.

I mean this place was jam-packed with people, and it was hard to tell where the lines started and ended (and yes,
I realized after 10 minutes that I was standing in the line waiting for food, not the line to order food). Not only is it crowded,
but it is LOUD. I was so thankful for the kind people who asked me if I was order number "79" because I just couldn't hear a single thing.
And the people making my salad could barely hear me either (embarrassing, I know) so another lady helped me out xD.

my mom's lobster roll

For someone without any dietary restrictions, I think that this place is your food heaven: there's bakery stores galore, ice cream galore,
seafood galore, gourmet mac & cheese, lobster grilled cheese, and lots and lots of burgers/sandwiches/fries. There are also healthy
options, such as a juice bar and a salad place that uses USDA certified organic greens (where you apparently order for
salads in the line that's in front of the gourmet mac & cheese place....go figure).

I got the oriental salad ($6): the dressing was a generic Newman's sesame ginger dressing in the little packages,
and the salad was hastily made because there was a very very long line.I personally don't think the portion was worth
the money, but I desperately needed some kind of healthy option, so I went for it.

Aside from the "food court" Quincy Market, there are also bars/pubs and sit down restaurants right next door.
I saw one place (    ) where some customers wore extravagantly tall paper hats and it looked like a lot of fun.

All around the area are street performers (very talented ones) and shops that range from your typical souvenir stores
to American Eagle & Abercrombie (didn't step into either though). My brothers favorite was the World Cup store (it's not
called that anymore but they have Brazucas, World Cup jerseys, and even soccer cleats).

Overall, it was difficult to navigate at times because there were just so many people, but it was an experience. Next time,
I wouldn't really spend my time at the food court area (just because I really can't eat most of those items and the chaos is more
of a one time thing in my opinion) but I'd like to try out some of the sit down restaurants in the area instead.

xoxo, Hannah

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