August 23, 2014

Nectarine & Beet Quinoa Salad

Recipe: Nectarine & Beet Quinoa Salad
By: Hannah Claudia

1 nectarine, chopped
1/2 beet, chopped
1/4 cup of frozen peas, cooked
1/4 cup of quinoa, cooked 
1/2 cup of baby kale mix (i like to chop mine)
(opt) furikake seasoning


1. Mix it all up! ;)
(i dressed mine with my carrot ginger dressing)

this is basically what i have typically: kale mix (some kind of green), nectarine (something juicy), some kind of creamy vegetable (peas or avocado), and sometimes something extra (beets or apple). and then the quinoa is a new addition; i'm trying quinoa again and i'm still finding that nutty aftertaste that I didn't quite like before is bothering me again...any tips? 

i want to like quinoa because it's a good source of protein and it's just another fun ingredient that i can play around with

xoxo, hannah

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