August 29, 2014

My Makeup & All-Natural Skin Care Routine (and DIY natural skincare remedies)

I've talked about my situation with acne in a previous post (also a review on the clarisonic mia) or you can watch my " Skin Story" video to find out:

 , so I'm not going to get into the details about my history of playing around with cleansers and skincare routines, but here's my current skincare routine that's been working really well for me for the past year (at least). My skin is exponentially better than before; the acne is under control and I feel confident in my own skin (and with my own skin) without having to wear concealer. So here's what I do:

the way I deep-clean my clarisonic brush head is by soaking it in a cup full of hydrogen peroxide for at least 1/2 an hour once a week
(also, make sure that the brush is thoroughly soaked/damp when you use it because it tends to be very abrasive if it isn't wet enough!)

i haven't used tea tree oil in a very long time, and not using it even when I have very minor spots has actually paid off! i used to apply undiluted tea tree oil to spots, but the other day, i did that and it really dried my skin out, so dilute the tea tree oil with some water before applying it. 

for a spot treatment for a really really deep pimple, watch my video:


and every now and then, i'll treat myself to a $6 LUSH fresh face mask and I'll use that in place of  my DIY scrub.

my review of LUSH's "Ayesha" fresh face mask:

I've been only moisturizing my face once a day after my shower (late afternoon), and my skin has actually been feeling a lot better. if i do need to moisturize my face in the morning (before school or an event or when i want to apply some concealer), i'll occasionally use Cetaphil's Moisturizing Cream (not natural though) or an alternative natural lotion, like the one from Burt's Bees (it's a little too sticky for me in the summer though; it's better for the winter):

my review on burt's bees all-natural intense hydration with clary sage lotion:


i rarely wear makeup (one of my favorite things about this summer is that my skin has been clear enough and the fact that i don't really care that much anymore has granted me the privilege of not wearing concealer), but when I do, here are the basic products/routine that I use (the products are not all-natural though; i think in the future if I do wear makeup more often I might resort to using Tarte or Juice Beauty products that are more environmentally friendly, but since I rarely wear makeup, I just use generic products that my mom gave me/get from sephora on my bday/drugstore products):

1. Concealer: I LOVE Estee Lauder's double wear concealer (my mom has been using this foundation forever) and there are so many great reviews out there about this formula. It's creamy, light, and easy to blend.
2. Eyelash Curler: not a makeup product per say, but even though my lashes are long (not very dark though), they grown downwards, so simply curling my lashes makes A WORLD of a difference and really opens up my eyes.
3. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil: I use this as an inner corner highlight to brighten up my eyes and also to line my bottom lash line (is it called waterline? lol see, i'm no professional) to add some sparkle ;)
4. Mascara: I love mascara :) love it. love it. love it. I got the benefit's "they're real!" mascara for my birthday from sephora and the estee lauder "sumptuous" is from my mom. I like both; benefit's makes my lashes look fuller but it clumps sometimes whereas estee lauder's lengthens and separates :) I'm terrible with eyeliner, so mascara does the trick for me by making my eyes stand out more :)
5. Lipstick: I've been loving "Crimson" by Motives (click here to see how it looks on), and playing around with lipstick has always been a secret love of mine ;) I've been going to ULTA to find the Anastasia brow wiz in "ebony", but it's ALWAYS sold out, and I really think that defined brows really help to balance out a statement lip color, so maybe in the future, I'll add brow pencil to my makeup routine, but for now, i'm still on the hunt for one.

watch my get ready with me video from my junior prom (most of the products are the same, and the routine is very similar):


and lastly, instead of tugging on your face with towelettes full of chemicals to remove your waterproof mascara, try using this DIY natural makeup remover instead! it'll moisturize your skin and remove your makeup (yes, even waterproof) with ease.
I learned this from Kassie, and it's an awesome DIY that i highly highly recommend! (I don't use the hot towel to steam my face though)

I strongly believe that once you treat your skin with good quality products (natural products for the most part), you won't really have to rely on cosmetics to improve your appearance (even though it is fun to play around with)!

xoxo, Hannah

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