August 1, 2014

Mental Preparation

yum yum yum.

are those sun chips, you ask? nope. they're sprouted sweet potato tortilla chips (gifted to us from our sweet family friend <3) that are gluten-free (she's thoughtful too) and vegan and PERFECTLY SALTED. sea salt is the last ingredient. that's right, no more chugging 10 oz. of water after eating a bite of these things! and yes, it's rare that i eat anything processed, but i had a HANKERING for somethin' crunchy and it satiated it perfectly.

so as you may know, i've been playing around with kale a lot more.
it's definitely more bitter than spinach but baby kale is a whole lot more tender and easier to swallow than tuscan kale or dinosaur kale, so i've been enjoying it. but let's not forget, too much of a good thing can be bad:

This blog post is going up a bit earlier than usual, (it's 8:11 am). you know why? cause i couldn't sleep.

last night, i finally finished java. WHOOOOOHOOOOO. but let's be honest, the thriller's kinda wearing off since I totally celebrated two days ago LOL.

but after i took the final test, i was showing my dad some scattergrams and comparing my statistics to the averages of accepted students from different schools. we started talking and talking and it led to a 40 minute discussion and sharing of graphs between him and me, which led to lots of questions being raised by my dad: Why not apply ED to (insert college name here)? Why not apply to (insert another college name here)?

you know how ready i've felt for the past two months? i thought i had it all planned out; i questioned myself and i did so much research...but these last minute doubts and questions really got to me. i couldn't fall asleep cause i kept thinking about them, and then i woke up thinking about it (no joke, it was actually the first thing on my mind). so at 6:30 am, I got up, stretched, and went for a run while listening to Shay Carl and Collette's podcast (whenthekidsgotosleep). and now, i'm still just as apprehensive and anxious, but i have a lot more clarity and less....jumpy?

social media is probably blowing up right now with people freaking out and talking about college apps. and i'm trying my best to avoid those things (blogspot and youtube don't count, kay?). it's time that i realize that i need to just focus on myself and no one else. stop caring about what happens to other people, and just think about me. me. me. me. me. me. gosh that sounded so egotistical. but you know what i mean.

....and now it's time. the highly anticipated Aug. 1st, when college apps open.
i feel like once I actually open common app (i mean i've been on it before to fill out the regular info), reality really kicks in. that's when i'll really feel like i'm a big kid applying to colleges.

(deep breath). alright. let's do this.

xoxo, hannah

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