August 21, 2014

Lately (an update)

*deep breath*

I just wrote a pretty sentimental college supplement essay, so I think I'll save my idea for a blogpost for tomorrow instead.

It's officially been one week since I got back from my family trip, and I'm all caught up with all my blog posts on that topic. So what else have I been up to this past week other than college apps and blog posts/YouTube videos?

Well, I've been unwinding and trying to actually enjoy summer for once (including watching LOTS of Friends and cheese-y abcFamily/Hallmark movies), which is something that I haven't been able to do (this past week), I guess... If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that I had to work A TON in June and July, balancing a mountain of school summer homework, a VERY excruciatingly long/painful/stressful/difficult/challenging computer course ( i'm never going to order a cup of java ever again), two jobs, and side events. Amidst all of these busy activities, I had a lot of things that I wanted to do (blog, make videos, DIYs, RELAX?!?), but everything just got caught up in a busy tornado.

This past week, I also had a 2 hr rehearsal for my afterschool orchestra group and a 1.5 hr event that we played at (very informal and we messed up a few times but it was FUN!), which I was half-dreading because I felt very incapable (according to google there's no such thing as "unconfident" so i went with "incapable" instead) because I never found time to practice. Rehearsal and the event ended up being REALLY fun, and I just had a blast being able to see my friends again (since I've been stuck in my little cave aka my room doing work all summer like a mad scientist stuck in an underground laboratory) and to have a sneak peak at what life as a senior feels like (and it feels AWESOME...but weird too cause I don't think of myself as a senior but then I realize I'm the oldest and that senioritis is slowly creeping up on me). 

Yesterday, my brother was kind enough to give me some of his time by being a photographer in a short 45-minute little photoshoot around my house and a park. I've been thinking of ways to get my blog to grow more, and I've seen how instagram & pinterest can spread words quicker through photos, so I figured some fresh photos were needed. I've never been photogenic, but I did lots of research and prep to try to pull this little photoshoot off :) I'm happy with the turnout, and I'm just so grateful that my brother was cooperative (I mean most 15-year old boys wouldn't do this) enough to help me (i've tried taking photos by myself with a tripod and it just doesn't work). Here are some of my favorites:

which is your favorite photo? i think out of these, my favorite out of the favorites would be the one above

*****I've also added the "pin" button to all of my photos!!! (cue the fanfare)
This means that you can pin any of my photos to pinterest, so help a girl out and spread the word about this blog by pinning as many photos as you'd like to ;) ******

my brows aren't exactly bold and beautiful, but I still found a way to pull off a vibrant-crimson lipstick by balancing the top half of my face with my bold glasses frames ;) I feel a lot more confident with my glasses because my brows aren't super dark (i know, get an eyebrow pencil then, but i've been trying to hunt down the anastasia brow wiz pencil at my local ulta but it's never in stock!), and it just feels... right when I have them on, you know?

and i had apples with peanut butter and granola (made a single-serving of granola on the stove top with no oil and very VERY little maple syrup...single serving is the way to go for me, but it wasn't that crispy so i'll try to add a little more sweetener next time?). 

apples. peanut butter. granola. what else is new? 

xoxo, Hannah

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