August 30, 2014

Industrial Ranger

I decided to call this look "Industrial Ranger", because the wide brimmed fedora reminds me of the hats that park rangers wear and the "wood" framed sunglasses are "natural" looking, while the maroon and olive colors convey a grunge-y fall look.

This look has a "tomboy" edge that I occasionally like to play around with; my style used to be very tomboy and military inspired, but over the past few years, I've definitely "girled-up" my style. I still love my olive jackets, but the tomboy pieces have become accents/accessories to my girly outfits that toughen up my look.

I'm actually indecisive about the shoes that I'd wear with this look; brown combat boots maybe?

Top: H&M
Pants: Arizona Jeans (children size 10 xD they were flare leg pants but I altered them to make them skinny legs)
Fedora: F21
Sunglasses: free from Cornell University! (logo says Pete's Coffee? lol)
Rings: gift from my cousin Cam! (thanks Cam!); from F21 and PacSun (I think)

xoxo, Hannah

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