August 3, 2014

Homemade Ice Cream Mochi

Here's a step-by-step photo journey of how I made homemade ice cream mochi, following Chef Jon's recipe:
(it's vegan if you use dairy-free ice cream, and the rice mochi dough is vegan & gluten-free; I didn't add any sugar into the mochi dough and you can add sugar-free fillings to make this recipe free of sugar!)

 used beet juice as a natural food coloring

it was SO sticky, so don't be afraid to really be generous when flouring your surface. you really have to stretch it out well too when you're rolling it out cause it'll just shrink back up so hold it in place with one hand and roll it out with the rolling pin in your other hand.

i used coconut (dairy-free) milk ice cream and gelato (full of dairy). these have a much higher fat content than generic ice cream (with more milk/water content which freezes as ice and stays frozen for longer), so WORK QUICKLY!

with the extra dough, I made regular rice mochi filled with peanut butter (are you surprised?) and tahini with some honey (didn't have any black sesame paste on hand). 

taste tester approved

aughhhh. sooo good.

it didn't freeze as well as i thought though; it was FROZEN SOLID after 5 hours in the freezer so i had to let it thaw slightly ;/ maybe i didn't wrap it as well so it just froze up too quickly? i'm not sure.

xoxo, hannah

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