August 30, 2014

Gold Dottie

Yet another "professional" outfit :) 
I think most people imagine "future me" to be an NYU graduate/working in the city at some professional artsy job (journalist or writer)/wearing this outfit with a cup of coffee in my hand but I'm kind of the opposite...
I like the countryside and I want to be a veterinarian (not exactly as glamorous as a fashion job in the city but I think it's absolutely amazing) ;)

I think this outfit would be cute to wear if you're giving a presentation at school or have an interview, because it's not as formal as a pants suit and it's a lot cuter too. It has that "school uniform" look because of the white top and khaki bottoms, but the gold details and the polka dots add a fun print and a little more warmth to the outfit. The sheer blouse is also a little different and it's quite loose too, so it's a bit more ethereal and chic than a white polo top. 

Top: Thrifted from a consignment store
Khakis: ($2 only!) from H&M 
Watch: Cote d'Azur ($20, got it on a Royal Caribbean cruise!)

If you want to watch me show these khakis in a haul, watch this video :) :

xoxo, Hannah

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