August 29, 2014

Cozy Classy

You can wear this to school when you feel like looking like a cute & put-together princess while feeling comfy and cozy, or just on the weekends when you're eating brunch downtown in an outdoor table with your best friends on a cool fall morning...yeah i'm such a romantic.

I really love this pair of statement capris because it makes me feel so sophisticated and grown up when I'm really not! The peplum top is so soft and loose (in a good, non-constricting way), and the cozy cardigan is like hugging a baby sheep :)

This pearl bib necklace is one of the best $5 investments I've ever made! I've been trying to get into wearing statement necklaces, but I've always been kind of nervous about pulling them off. This pearl bib necklace isn't too over the top like some necklaces that I've seen, and it's a lot easier to pair with outfits. Plus, gold is my preferred metal as opposed to silver; gold and brown are colors that I always resort to when accessorizing because they're a lot warmer than silver and black.

Grey 3/4 length sleeve peplum: American Eagle
Embroidered Capris: thrifted from Salvation Army
Cozy Cream Knit Cardigan: gift from my cousin :) (@cchaneko on Youtube and Instagram and her blog)
Pearl bib necklace: Forever 21 
Perfume: Taylor Swift Wonderstruck

For another way to style these pants, click here!
xoxo, Hannah

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