August 31, 2014

A Week of Outfits

I'm starting school in two days, and one of the biggest tips that I can give to any student out there is: PLAN & PREPARE AHEAD!

That goes for packing your folders & homework into your bag the night before, prepping your lunch/meals the night (or even weekend) before, and laying out the next day's outfit the night before!

Here's a week of outfit ideas to get your creative juices flowing :)

MondayTaylor Chic
TuesdayGold Dottie
WednesdayCozy Classy
ThursdayIndustrial Ranger
Sunday: Leaves

Usually on Mondays, I tend to dress my best. Mondays are never fun, but whenever I put more effort into how I look on Mondays, I tend to feel a whole lot better. Attitude and perspective are key to how your day pans out; whether or not bad events happen, how you perceive the situation will impact the rest of your day. So by starting off the week on a good foot by looking and feeling good, the chances of having a good day are much higher ;)

Outfits on Tuesdays fluctuate; sometimes I'll continue the cute outfits or I'll wear something a little bit less put together but still presentable.

On Wednesdays though, I like to feel cozy. It's the middle of the week, and I want to feel like I'm in pajamas. So although this outfit doesn't look like pajamas, it's VERY comfortable. The peplum top is loose and very soft, the capris aren't skin tight, and the cardigan wrapped around you feels like you're hugging a sheep <3

Thursdays are my days to experiment with looks that I don't always gravitate towards. Here, "Industrial Ranger", is a bit more militaristic & grunge-y compared to my usual girly outfits. Always make time to experiment new looks, you never know what you might end up loving!

And finally it's Friday! I like to make full circle and look more presentable on Fridays like I do on Mondays; I might wear a dress or skirt or just a pulled together/professional looking outfit. Of course, every now and then I won't care at all and I will come in wearing cozy cardigans and leggings!

The weekends are always different; I may stay in my pjs/work out clothes the entire time or I might have a busy weekend where I'll be out and about wearing cuter outfits! So here are two pulled together outfits that are suitable for any occasion: running around the city and meeting up with old friends, or watching a fall soccer game and going to the grocery store ;)

xoxo, Hannah

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