July 1, 2014

Sweet Potato, Pico de Gallo Vietnamese Spring Roll "Burritos" and BBQ Sesame Dipping Sauce

i know...it sounds so weird.
but i got the idea after re-watching a Shaytards vlog and Colette (aka mommytard) made sweet potato bean burritos. and i also had cut up sweet potatoes in the fridge and needed to use them up. and i was craving vietnamese spring rolls. what a perfect coincidence?

but in all seriousness, you'd be surprised at how good it tastes. the sweet potatoes add a lot more substance to the spring rolls but the fresh pico de gallo cuts through the richness of the sweet potatoes. and i came up with a nut-free dipping sauce that's really easy to throw together.

Recipe: Sweet Potato, Pico de Gallo Vietnamese Spring Roll "Burrito"
By: Hannah Claudia
(makes 2 spring rolls)

Rice paper wrappers
1/2 sweet potato, cut into chunks
1/2 avocado, sliced
warm water for hydrating the wrappers & water to cook the sweet potatoes in


1. Cook the sweet potatoes until softened
2. Soak the rice paper wrappers in warm water until pliable. (I think it's a lot easier
to work with them when they aren't as damp and when you have dry hands!)
3. Fill the spring roll wrapper with the filling
4. Wrap like you would a burrito

Recipe: BBQ Sesame Dipping Sauce
By: Hannah Claudia

1 tablespoon sesame oil
1 tablespoon sushi vinegar
1 teaspoon Korean BBQ sauce


1. Mix all the ingredients together :)

i've eaten these several times now before lifeguarding and it's kept me full for a good 4 hours until snack time starts coming around and i reach for an apple ;)

xoxo, Hannah

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