July 28, 2014

Sushi, Eggplant Fries, & a DIY (Peter Pan Collars)

The strangest looking lunch that satiated all of my cravings.

Recipe: Eggplant Fries
By: Hannah Claudia

2 small eggplants, cut into 1/2" thick circles
your desired spices (I used black pepper, oregano, salt)


1. Sprinkle the spices on the eggplant circles (you can add oil to help them stick but I chose not to)
2. Spread the eggplant disks evenly on a cooling rack
3. Bake for about 20-25 minutes at 400*F or until they've reached your desired consistency
(I only cooked mine for 15 but i liked that they had a bite to them and weren't so mushy)

I'm a multi-tasker; when I make time to eat, it's not only my break time but also time for a DIY

Peter Pan Collar DIY
By: Hannah Claudia

Any fabric of your choice (if using lace, fold it over so it's a 2-layer collar to make it thicker and sturdier)
marker/fabric chalk
jewelry pliers*
chains (I had to use two types because my neckalce clasp was too thick and couldn't fit through one of my chains)
necklace clasp
(opt) decorative buttons
(opt) needle & thread
(opt) craft glue or mod podge
(opt) paint brush/sponge applicator
(opt) glitter, pearls, beads, sequins
peter pan collar stencils (i used option 2): option 1, option 2, option 3

*The plier that I used looks just like the green one on the left (forgot what it's called but it's been years since my jewelry making class LOL but these pliers come in handy and I'm SOOOO glad that I have them esp. because I love DIY projects)



2. Now trace & cut out the fabric using your desired stencil (i used scrap fabric so mine wasn't large enough to make one continuous peter pan collar; I had to cut out the two halves of the collar separately and sew them together)

3. Punch holes on the back ends of the collar, maybe a few centimeters away from the edge of the collar (just to make sure that the holes aren't threatening to rip the fabric). If you have a rotary hole punch, use that! If not, just use a scissor like I did. Make marks with the marker to ensure that the holes are as evenly placed as possible ;)

4. String one side of the chain through the hole. Then take the end that was strung through and loop it around so that you can use your pliers to reconnect it to the chain itself (look at photo below):

(not the greatest quality; sorry! I had to crop a photo so that you could see this portion; but I hope you can see what I mean: you're making a loop with one chain basically and the collar is strung through)

5. Repeat the same process to the other side; attach any additional chains or necklace clasps to the ends of the chains.

6. Optional steps: 
a) sew a decorative button in the middle to hide where the two halves of the peter pan collar meet or to just add more detail
b) paint the collar with glue/mod podge and decorate with glitter/sequins/pearls
c) using that rotary hole punch, punch holes along the edge of the collar to add more detail

Super happy with the way mine turned out!! ahhh i'm so excited to wear them ;) We have this little box full of mismatched buttons and it was just so satisfying to finally be able to use these gorgeous buttons for something!

xoxo, hannah

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