July 16, 2014

Steamed Chinese Buns & Taro Buns (vegan)

i am so sick and tired of sitting at home all day doing work :( UGHH get me outta here puh-leeease.
i'm just excited for the weekend; i plan on leaving the house on Saturday to just LIVE in the REAL world.

i think my anxiety problems are definitely back too; the worst thing about being a naturally self-motivated person is that you constantly have such high expectations for yourself and you hate disappointing yourself...
i really wanted to finish my java course by July 4th, and guess what? it's July 16th, and I still haven't finished it. But guess what? I can't really blame myself, because I've been spending over 3-4 hours each day on it (and my dad is spending even more time on it since he's a programmer and knows what to do). It's my teacher. He's so vague when it comes to his assignment instructions, and he keeps making me redo every single assignment because I didn't "fulfill an assignment requirement" that pretty much never existed until he returned the assignment and told me to fix it. so basically, this guy is the worst communicator ever. UGH. so now i'm just stuck constantly re-doing all of my assignments and getting super stressed out because i don't even care about the grade anymore, i just want to hand the assignment in and never have to look at the darn thing again. but it's like a shadow. IT KEEPS FOLLOWING ME and that's just getting to my head :/ so of course, in attempts to calm my nerves, i've been watching TONS of older meghanrosette videos. i've been watching her youtube videos for the past...3-4 years? a pretty long time, and i just love her personality so much and i feel like i can identify with her on a lot of different levels but we're also very different ;) but i just love her haul videos and fashion/beauty videos...so the desire for retail-therapy just increases exponentially every single time i watch a video.

anyways, last week, i was just not in a good mood because i was so fed up with the java course, so I decided to do something else that has always calmed me down (especially right after school this past year): cook.

i spent a good 2 hours (at least) in the kitchen making Chinese steamed buns for my family, but more specifically for my dad because he eats them every morning and he's been helping me SO MUCH on my java course. yes he cooks them for breakfast every morning, but i don't like how a lot of questionable ingredients go into those, so i wanted to make a homemade version .

Recipe for the dough for the bun: http://www.seasaltwithfood.com/2014/07/chinese-steamed-buns.html

i love love love love love love love this dough! usually when i make any kind of dough that requires kneading, i just use our bread machine, but this time, i actually hand-kneaded this for roughly 10-15 minutes (great work out) and it rose BEAUTIFULLY!!!

so per the recipe instructions, after I cut the dough, i let it rise again, so while waiting for it to rise, i decided to throw the filling mixture together. I tossed together some of my grandpa's leftover (cooked) turkey meatballs (mashed it with a potato ricer), sesame oil, soy sauce, corn kernels (cooked), minced garlic, and minced ginger.

and since tossing the filling together didn't take that long, I prepped the steamers by letting them steam without anything inside of them to "clean" them because we haven't used them in a while.

they puffed up AGAIN :), so then it was time to fill the buns up:

made a miso filling (but some said it was a bit too strong even though i diluted it like crazy): 1 tablespoon miso paste, sesame oil, water.

(above) before steaming

 (above) after steaming)

i didn't have enough filling for all of the dough, so i cooked some leftover, chopped-up taro pieces in the fridge in some almond milk (i would use coconut milk if we had it) ---which by the way, took FOREVER--- and filled the dough with the taro (inspired by lai wong bao (egg custard buns), which i used to love as a kid):

they turned out...okay? i topped some with coconut flakes to distinguish which buns had a little bit of sugar mixed into the taro filling but the filling ended up being quite runny so it wasn't the prettiest sight ever :/

but regardless, my dad really enjoyed the turkey meatball steamed buns (never asked him about the taro lol but my mom liked both) so i count it as a success.


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