July 24, 2014

Post-Wisdom Teeth Surgery Meals

Three days ago, my top & bottom wisdom teeth on the right side of my mouth were extracted; now the biggest concern for me wasn't about the anesthesia, but it was about the FOOD that I could eat afterwards.

Fortunately, for me, my left side was completely fine and I actually ate some of my carrot soup with a piece of gluten free toast 2 hours after the surgery. However, even though I can chew on one side, I still have to eat softer foods or at least be more careful about the type of foods I eat (no sesame seeds or rice or things that can get stuck in the gum socket and create more havoc in my life ---which i really don't need right now).  I tried eating a few walnuts using the left side of my mouth biting down on harder things still make my whole jaw sore, so I'm gonna continue laying off of the crunchier-chewier foods for a little more (but crunchy peanut butter is an exception...).

Dinner on the first day consisted of a creamy tomato-basil soup with guacamole relish and herb mashed potatoes with a bbq sauce gravy (i realized when I was eating that the bbq sauce had a kick to it and luckily i had no negative side effects but make sure you don't eat anything spicy after wisdom teeth surgery, esp if you had four teeth extracted!)

Recipe: Creamy Tomato-Basil Soup with Guacamole Relish
By: Hannah Claudia

2 tomatoes
handful of fresh basil
1 block of silken tofu
splash of water
1/2 avocado
1 teaspoon of cilantro or parsley


1. Blend the first four ingredients until smooth. Transfer to a pot and heat it up (not too hot!! lukewarm if you just got surgery)
2. Mash the avocado with a fork and add the cilantro (remember: don't add lemon juice --- no citrusy-acidic foods allowed!)
3. Top the soup with the guacamole relish

Recipe: Mashed Potatoes
By: Hannah Claudia

6 small potatoes
(opt: cream cheese, butter, cilantro, basil, gravy, bbq sauce ---trust me it actually tastes good, just make sure it's not spicy---)
tool: potato ricer (or you could use a fork, spoon, or a food processor)
splash of almond milk (or any milk you drink)


1. Boil the potatoes until fork tender.
2. Drain the water and then mash the potatoes with some almond milk to make it smooth & creamy, then add any additional ingredients.

I know, mashed potatoes and more toast?! I usually don't eat a ton of heavy, carb-rich foods that are also high on the glycemic index, but I have to eat these antibiotics to prevent any infections and the antibiotics have been making me SO HUNGRY. I feel guilty every now and then throughout the day, but I know I can't reach for a salad or an apple because my jaw is still sore, and I know I'm not supposed to exercise yet (i can even feel impact in my mouth after running up the stairs), so right now, I guess I'm just enjoying this break. And I'm not saying that I'm eating super unhealthy anyways, I'm still eating a lot of foods that are unrefined/unprocessed. 

On this piece of gluten-free toast, I topped it off with tahini (i didn't eat peanut butter for 2 days because it was crunchy so tahini was my substitute, but tahini tastes kinda bitter) and a drizzle of raw honey (gifted to us from our sweet family friend who brought the honey all the way from her brother's honey farm in Hungary!! <3 ). This has been a staple in my diet these past few days :/ the weird thing is that even though i've been eating higher caloric foods and i'm not exercising, i've been maintaining my weight, so that's the plus i guess, but really that number on the scale means nothing, because someone who's totally fit can be the same weight as someone who's not. it all depends.  ahh the guilt is kicking in again. and i'm going to the beach in a few days. NO. STOP IT. okay. let's move on.

Lunch on the 2nd day consisted of A TON of grapes (ate even more for snack) which i could chew on my left side, 1/2 an herb roasted tomato, and a spinach "frittata" (i attempted to make spinach bread but ended up making it on the stove top so it turned into a frittata/spinach pancake thing) .

Recipe: Herb-Roasted Tomatoes
By: Hannah Claudia

as many tomatoes as you'd like to roast
(opt: olive oil)
rosemary, oregano, salt, black pepper


1. Halve all the tomatoes and drizzle with olive oil if you'd like ( I didn't)
2. Top with the herbs and spices
3. Roast in the oven at 400*F for about 30 minutes

Recipe: Spinach Frittata
By: Hannah Claudia

1.5 cups of spinach, chopped
2 whole eggs
2 egg whites
olive oil
black pepper


1. Mix the eggs with the spinach; it may seem like you don't have enough eggs but keep mixing until you get a fairly damp mixture
2. Preheat the pan with some olive oil (the smaller the pan, the thicker the frittata)
3. Add in the egg-spinach mixture and cook until the bottom side is golden brown
4. Flip the frittata and cook on the other side. If it's too thick to flip (like it was for me), take a plate and flip the frittata onto the plate. Then slide the frittata back onto the pan with the "ungolden brown" side down.

and for dinner, I just cut up a nectarine, 1/2 an avocado, and boiled some frozen peas. A lot of weird ingredients, but everything balanced well: the sweet, bright flavors of the nectarine cut through the creamy richness of the avocado, and the frozen peas added a bite to the whole dinner (enough "bite" for someone who really shouldn't be eating too many hard things).

wow. that was a long post to write lol. i should be doing java right now (anyone else tired of hearing my go on about that? well guess what, i'm tired of having it in my life so let's share the pain) but i'm stuck on two problems and my dad is super busy and he can't help me right now. so i'm just directing more time to this blog post, editing videos (two videos in two days...that's impressive for me), making SAT lesson plans (way too time consuming for a part time job), my bucket of DIY's to do (sewing some shirts that are too large for me and a couple pieces of art decor for my walls). but i want to get this java thing done!!! ugh frustration times a million.

xoxo, hannah

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