July 30, 2014

Mint Beet & Nectarine Salad


so happy. 

just so happy. 

so. happy.

you'll be "so happy" to know that i'm nearly done with java. i've finished all the assignments & i finished one entire project (the final project) in one day yesterday and i just need my instructor to grade it before i take the final test and am DONE. then i get to start college apps on friday but WHO CARES!? I'LL BE DONE WITH JAVA. 

freedom has never tasted sweeter.

so since i'm waiting for my teacher to grade the project, i woke up this morning and filmed 4 videos in 1.5 hours (good videos too, might I add) and I'm just feeling like i'm on top of the world. there's nothing better than being productive, and when i was stuck on assignments for java, i felt like i couldn't do anything and was just inefficient with my time but NOW. ESTOY CASI COMPLETO. (i'm almost done)

I've also been eating kale a lot more...I know, right!? kale? me? I mean I've put it in my juices a lot and I've tried cooking it a few times but I've never liked it raw, however, we got some baby kale and it's a lot more tender and less bitter so i've been enjoying lots and lots of kale salads. i don't like to eat too much spinach so it's hard to balance out juices with spinach and want to eat spinach salads in one day (too much iron), but i've been using beet greens in my juices (kinda bitter tbh) and eating lots of kale in my salads (you can never have too much kale).  usually i'll add some kale with this salad (below) but in this photo I just have the beets & nectarines. the recipe is simple; it's:

Recipe: Mint Beet & Nectarine Salad
By: Hannah Claudia

1 nectarine, sliced
1/2 beet, sliced
couple leaves of mint, cut into ribbons (chiffonade) 
(opt: kale, toasted almonds)


1. Mix it all up and enjoy ;)

so simple; i know. lots of my recipes have been like that lately  but that's the thing, it tastes so good but it's simple! that's the best part.
plus, i finally learned how to cut a nectarine properly (it's basically the same way to cut an avocado, who knew?!) and they look so much prettier now.

i'm gonna have this for lunch....CAN YOU FEEL THE EXCITEMENT?!
yeah, i know, i'm on an adrenaline rush right now ;) i'm just so excited about having filmed 4 awesome videos and about my FREEDOM (it's basically already freedom since i finished the project).

ahhh. feels so good...to let go-oh-oh! (miley cyrus anyone?)

i'm gonna stop freaking you guys out so i'll talk to you in my next post tmrw ;)

xoxo, hannah

p.s. you gotta admit, happy hannah with no java is so much better than stressed out/anxious/nervous wreck hannah in the past blog posts when java was ruining my life.

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