July 17, 2014

Inspired by Dim Sum

i remember going out with my extended family all the time to eat dimsum, and i guess i was quite jaded because i never really thought much of it.
now that i realize that my body reacts negatively to dairy & gluten, i've come to appreciate the Chinese culture a whole lot more through Chinese food, and i'm not talking about Americanized fast-food type Chinese food because I've never really liked that, nor am I talking about super spicy Sichuan food because i get very picky about the types of Chinese cuisines that I like. i'm talking about what i grew up eating: Cantonese food & desserts, like ceong fun, gon chao ngao ho, steamed egg, and sai mai lo, just to name a few. what's great about all of these foods is that they're gluten-free, can be vegetarian, and are dairy-free. happy hannah.

and of course there are some things that i used to love but can't eat anymore, like char siu bao, zhaliang, yi mian (Mandarin way of saying it), and my favorite of all: walnut pound cake.

and i pretty much just realized that i've come to appreciate my culture a lot more through one aspect of a culture: food :)

 steamed dim sum for my brother the other day (none are gluten-free though)

he was such a good sport for taking these photos

until he started giving me sass...

what part of your culture are you the most proud of/come to appreciate the most?

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