July 22, 2014

DIY: Brandy Melville Chiyo Bralette

I was inspired by Lauren to make my own chiyo bralette (inspired by Brandy Melville's), and here's how I did it for less than $7:

Materials: a bandeau (bought a cheap one from Forever 21 for $2.80) and black elastic (i used 1/4 inch thick elastic; less than $3 from Wal-Mart)

1. As you can see, the bandeau is really really tight: I bought a size small, but it was wasn't stretchy at all and it was significantly tighter than my size small cami, so I cut the bandeau in half from the back, measured out the width of the bandeau so that it was 1 inch wider than the width of the cami, and then snipped off the excess.

2. I measured the elastic to be slightly longer than the width of the bandeau; I chose to use 1/4 inch thick elastic because the bandeau was so short in height; I measured out 3 pieces of elastic.

3. I measured out two pieces of elastic for the straps (using my cami as a guide for the length)

4. Turned the bandeau so that it's inside out and started sewing the elastic on (i sewed the straps so that they were on top of the three horizontal elastics when the bandeau was turned inside out (in other words, when you wear the bandeau, the vertical straps were inside of the horizontal elastics so the seams of the thread that you sewed wouldn't show)


all done :)

xoxo, hannah

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