July 4, 2014

Crepe Cake & Coconut Whipped Cream Fail

continuing with the posts on my mom's bday, here's the cake I made for her:

i made a 20 layer crepe cake (using the crepe recipe from Beth Le Manach ) and decorated it with cut
up cherries and strawberries and a little bit of whipped cream. i attempted to make my own coconut whipped cream, but my coconut milk (i used full fat too) just didn't separate properly and was too liquid-y :(

my tips for making a crepe cake:
1. Get a non-stick pan!!!! please do yourself a favor and only use a nonstick pan. please. it's just not worth
wasting your time/energy to try to make crepes with a regular pan, trust me, i've been there :P
2. The smaller the diameter of the pan, the more crepes you'll get from your batter (therefore the taller the cake)
3. If you're making a crepe cake for a fancier event, making batches of crepes using different pans with different diameters to make a tiered crepe cake :)
4. Make the crepes ahead of time! It took me around 1 hour (i took my time making the batter too) since i only have one pan and i did make a ton of crepes. each crepe doesn't take long to cook, so i actually think it's a great dinner party dessert idea (and you'll definitely impress your guests), but just make them in advance, wrap them in a layer of paper towels and foil and pop 'em in the fridge. when you're ready to use them, heat them in the microwave with just the paper towels covering them until warmed through (for a layer of 20 crepes, microwave them in 2 batches; takes about 30 seconds to warm them up).
5. Choose how you want to serve the cake in order to decide how you want to decorate the cake: you can either decorate it like an actual layered cake (whipped cream or frosting between each crepe layer and covering the entire cake with frosting) or embrace the rustic look of a crepe cake and decorate the top.
6. Decide how you want to cut the cake too: cut it like a regular cake or serve each individual crepe by itself (if you're doing that, then set up a crepe bar with toppings: nutella, peanut butter, jams, cookie butter, whipped cream, butter, lemon, sprinkles, bananas, berries, coconut flakes, granola, or even savory options like cheeses, deli meats, smoked salmon, cream cheese...the list goes on...)

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xoxo, hannah

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