July 13, 2014

boots & cats | Evening in Princeton

boots & cats & boots & cats. Yasmeen, you've got me obsessed with saying that!
Last night, when my family was walking from our parking spot to our seats at the NY Red Bull's (MLS) game (post w/ photos on that will come soon), I kept saying that and it just made me so happy :)

I love my best friend so much <3 .... and I miss her like crazy too.

have you ever met someone who is just so darn similar to you? it's like finding your soul sis/bro, and the feeling of having a friend (practically a sister or me in another body but ten times prettier) who has so many similar interests as you, inspires you in every way possible, and makes you a kinder & friendlier person? in the middle of 6th grade, I met one of my best friends, Yasmeen, in Spanish class, and we totally hit it off. I remember our very first conversation, and it was about ice skating. Of course, she's a gajillion times better than me, but that's what triggered our entire friendship. The next day, we were isolated by four of our other friends in class (...i'm not bitter about that...) and we sat on our own at a little "island" (remember when teachers would rearrange the desks so that there'd be little clusters of four desks to form one big "table"?) and just talked and talked (in English despite being in Spanish class) as we worked on our worksheet. And we talked and talked about our obsession with Jon & Kate Plus 8. i mean, hello!? could anyone be a more perfect "soul sister" ? lol , and we both loved (and still love) to bake and cook and DRAW. ahhh she's such a talented artist.

i could go on and on about how amazing she is, but i'll save more for another day.

after 1/2 a year of friendship in 6th grade, we remained such good friends in 7th grade. we had IDENTICAL schedules with the exception of 2 classes (our spanish and our cycle classes flip-flopped), so we had every single academic & orchestra/gym class together. it was so . darn. perfect.

but 3 months into 7th grade, my soul sister had to move to beautiful California </3

i know. this is the saddest story ever. but don't worry. it's not totally sad.

despite having known each other for less than 1 year in person, we kept emailing each other back & forth and sent letters (yeah, she's that awesome that she'd write letters. real letters. she's the best) and our own little DIY gifts (don't have low expectations when it comes to her DIY projects, because she's an artist and she's insanely talented with her knitting skills & drawing skills & sewing). nearly 5 years later, we're still best friends. (cue the audience's "awwwwwww")

last summer, i had the privilege to see her TWICE after not seeing her for four years. she came to NJ and I went to CA and we just had so much fun together.

then, this past week, she made a surprise visit to NJ for one day <3 two of our other best friends and I met up with her in Princeton, and we had a blast. but enough with the talking, let's let the photos explain how much fun we had:

 my favorite photo: at Small World Coffee

looks like a vintage-y photo so when i posted this on instagram & facebook my caption was "circa 1920 in an American diner". kinda looks like it, doesn't it?!
 11 pm: at the fountain
 Yasmeen and I both had vegan strawberry-papaya fro-yo at Fruity Yogurt
they used organic soy milk, and this thing was beyond good. i've tried soy ice cream and didn't like it, but this tasted really good. my toppings were: strawberries & toasted coconut (of course)
the feels" ~Yasmeen
 Nassau Inn: passed by this several times and it just looked so cute. and i had to take a picture of something during magic hour (sunset) when the lighting was just perfect
 my mom's favorite building. mine too i think ;)
 love how this turned out ;)
not sure if you'd be able to tell that it was nearly 11 pm and quite dark but i played around with the aperture and hey, it turned out pretty gooooood.
 she loves coffee
 this little cutie is a globetrotter: she's so cultured and knows so much about the world it's just so inspiring to see how respectful she is of other cultures and she loves the Korean culture too and is self-teaching (and also learning from another friend) the Korean language. #admirable

she's inspired me to self-teach myself Italian (which I've always wanted to learn and since I know Spanish, it's actually not that hard!) 

she's also inspired me to eat healthier: she's a vegan by choice which I think is just so cool. in 7th grade, we used to always bring edamame for lunch ;)
 at Urban Outfitters: I've been looking for a hat like this...I really liked it...went home, looked it up...yeah it was over $40...nah i don't need it anymore...
we took photos of each other just like this last summer when she came to NJ and we were wandering around the woods ;) <3

but i'm so incredibly grateful for having been able to see you three times in one year <3
you're the best

xoxo, Hannah

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