July 18, 2014

Banana Bread & Broiled Nectarines

I saw a photo online of broiled apricots and had the largest desire (almost as large as my desperate need for retail therapy---which i shall satiate today!! ahhhh! but anyways...) to broil the nectarines that we had at home. The issue, however, was that the nectarines were very difficult to slice in half because : 1, they were super ripe and juicy so the situation got very messy; 2, they weren't organic so i peeled them, making them even more difficult to slice and allowing more juice to run off; 3, i guess wax paper isnt' the best thing to use when broiling cause the wax paper was close to burning. whoops.

but warming the nectarines up like that did allow for a deeper (and more aromatic) flavor (can flavors be described as aromatic?) and it paired up very nicely with my banana bread (gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, nut-free, & lower in fat because i use oil instead of butter) that I made. I doubled my tried and true recipe , subbing in the applesauce for 1/2 of the amount called for with almond milk since I ran out, and baking it for roughly 50 minutes. I've also started blending up my oats to make oat flour with an actual blender as opposed to my typical food processor, and I've realized that not only is it a lot quicker, but it gives you a much finer, flour-y texture. The food processor often leaves large bits and chunks, but the blender pretty much grinds everything up into flour.

served thick slices with the sweet nectarines & super fragrant, toasted almond slices & almond milk 

the bread does rise a bit, but it doesn't end up with a puffed up curve on top like a typical bread/cake that you bake; it ended up flattening out completely so when i took it out of the loaf pan, it looked like a rectangle.

i ate 3 slices...is that embarrassing? meh. that's debatable since these are addicting. i was so tempted to smear peanut butter (one of my guilty pleasures that i will never be able to cut out despite always trying to ea as healthy as possible) on there and top it off with banana slices, but i realized that if i did that, then i'd eat 5 more slices as an excuse to eat more peanut butter...so i "controlled" myself....hey, it's all good.


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