June 26, 2014

Sweet Potato and Sausage Hash

made this breakfast for my brother and he really liked it :)
sweet potatoes are lower on the glycemic index than regular white potatoes so they're much healthier, and they contain beta carotene which is necessary to maintain healthy skin, strengthen your immune system, and protect your beautiful eyes!
the sausage part? well that's necessary for my carnivorous brother who's always in the mood for something "meat-y". i'm not sure how we're related but we are.

Recipe: Sweet Potato and Sausage Hash
By: Hannah Claudia

1/2 sweet potato, chopped
1 sausage, casing removed
spices you like (i used paprika, black pepper, rosemary)
splash of water
a little bit of oil
1 hard boiled egg (boil water, add the egg and cook for 12 minutes)


1. Preheat a pan with just a little bit of oil.

2. Add the sausage, and once it hits the pan, start breaking it up into tinier
pieces with a wooden spoon. You really don't need that much oil because the sausage
will render out a lot of oil.

3. When the sausage has been browned, remove it with a slotted spoon. Add the sweet potatoes, spices, and just a splash of water to help everything cook down.

4. When the sweet potatoes are tender (or cooked to your liking), mix the sausage bits back in and warm everything up.

doesn't it look a little bit like cookie monster? ;)

xoxo, Hannah

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