June 18, 2014

Salad in a Jar

The school year is over, so it's time to reflect...on the best lunch idea ever.

I know mason jars have been the new "trend", but there's good reason as to why they're so popular. I've loved the whole rustic feel of mason jars ever since I went to Yellowstone and nearly all of the restaurants served their water in mason jars. Plus, they're compact, made of glass (so they're long-lasting, free of concerns over BPA, etc.), and they're pretty much leak proof if you close the lid right :) That's why they make the perfect vessels for packed lunches, particularly salads because you won't have to worry about the dressing spilling and getting all over your lunch bag.

Recipe: Rainbow Salad in a Jar
By: Hannah Claudia

radish slices
corn kernels, cooked
edamame, cooked
cauliflower rice (I toasted mine over medium heat)
shredded lettuce


1. Layer everything ;)

*Tip: I try to place the dressing as far away from the lettuce as possible to avoid soggy lettuce since I tend to pack my lunches the night before.

Another version (below): Cranberry Balsamic Vinaigrette, avocado chunks, lentils

These would make a great addition to any summer picnic basket! They're fresh, portable, easy to clean, reusable, and pretty ;)

xoxo, Hannah

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