June 21, 2014

Radish and Avocado Hummus Flatbread

This week has been so crazy and I've been so incredibly busy. I think I'm getting way too anxious about everything (please don't come back anxiety) because I had trouble falling asleep for the first time in nearly a year (since I first started yoga --I've stopped since last summer though but the few months that I did yoga really helped!). And I'm not just talking about bad sleep or taking two hours to fall asleep, I'm talking about not being able to sleep until 2 am even when I went to bed at 10 am :P so that's my semi-length explanation for not having a very long blog post today ;)

Recipe: Radish and Avocado Hummus Flatbread
By: Hannah Claudia

Radish slices
Avocado chunks
Corn Tortillas (I use these because they're gluten free)

(opt) additional toppings ;)


1.  Heat up the corn tortillas so they're pliable
2. Smooth some hummus over the tortillas
3. Add your toppings (add additional toppings too if you want)

Organic radishes from my local farmer's market (which is also rated as #1 in my state!)

Tip: use a vegetable peeler to get really thin radish slices, but watch your fingers!

If you're not a hummus fan, use pesto, tomato sauce, or even go a different route and use a nut butter for a sweet-and-salty or even just a sweet twist and top it with pad thai ingredients for a sweet & salty version or banana slices for the sweet version!

Anyways, tired me is running on five hours of sleep but I have a super long day ahead of me so wish me luck ;)

xoxo, Hannah

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