June 24, 2014

Pixie Dust Seasoned Popcorn

WHOOHOOO. you know how frustrated I was with java yesterday? Weeell, after another breakdown last night and watching the rest of catching fire plus some shaytards vlogs, I slept all my stress off and woke up determined. I sat down and just wrote two new programs, ALL BY MYSELF, and they worked (they weren't easy either). asdfj;laksjdflkajsd;lkaj;sd it feels so good to accomplish something without spazzing out. I definitely have an issue with dealing with my own frustration and I also lack patience, but after seeing how much better life is when I don't lose it, i'm definitely going to try harder to just calm down.

//but anyways...let's get to the popcorn...

How to make perfectly popped popcorn straight from kernels w/o a popcorn maker

the BEST seasoning ever. it's truly "pixie dust"; there's a magical quality to it! My dad picked up some pixie dust seasoning from Wegman's and I decided to sprinkle some over my popcorn with some nutritional yeast and OH MY LANTA it was amazing. please try it. please. please. please. if not for you, then for me? please? PLEASE.

Nutritional yeast is kind of weird because it kind of looks like fish food (sorry if I just ruined your appetite), tastes cheese-y, and isn't really "yeast". You have to try it yourself to really understand what I'm talking about, but trust me, you'll like it ;) The first taste is just different, and you won't know what to think, but you'll want MORE. and then your love affair with nutritional yeast (great source of B-12 which is difficult to come across by the way) will begin. invite me to your wedding, kay?

ugh. SO GOOD.

xoxo, Hannah

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