June 25, 2014

Homemade Ice Pops: 3 Ways

okay, let's be honest: i prefer ice cream over ice pops any day. but of course, not being able to eat dairy and having family members who never help me finish off a gallon of soy ice cream (seriously, it's still in the freezer from last year and i need to throw it out), the only ice cream options that i really have are my frozen banana ice creams. with that being said, i was never really a fan of ice pops until i watched an episode of "Unique Sweets" and was inspired by all these gourmet ice pop stands/shops. of course, i don't have the tools to make tons and tons of fancy ice pops, but i realized that there's a whole lot more than just plain old blending up a strawberry and freezing it. and the best part is that ice pops can be eaten by practically anybody whether or not they're vegan, sugar conscious, lactose intolerant, sensitive to gluten.... the list goes on.
so here are three fun, fast, and different ice pops:

Recipe: "Agua Fresca" Ice Pop
By: Hannah Claudia

couple cubes of watermelon
splash of coconut water

1. Blend everything together and pour into an ice pop mold
2. Pop on the ice pop stick and freeze

*the ratios are all up to you. honestly, i don't think it's worth taking the time to measure the stuff out.
with the leftover "agua fresca" (i know actual agua fresca is just watermelon and sugar water but this is my version of agua fresca), just serve it up as a drink ;)

Recipe: Coconut Water Fruit Cocktail Ice Pop
By: Hannah Claudia

coconut water
slices of fruit of your choice ( i had grapes and strawberries)


1. Fill the ice pop mold 3/4 of the way with coconut water
2. Add in the fruits
3. Pop on the ice pop stick and freeze

Recipe: Grilled Peaches 'n' Cream Ice Pop
By: Hannah Claudia

couple thick slices of peaches, to grill
couple chunks of peaches, to blend
splash of almond milk
(opt) greek yogurt, coconut cream, coconut milk


1. Using a grill/panini press/waffle iron, grill the thick cut peaches for about 1-2 minutes until they have grill marks. This brings out the flavor! 
2. Blend the chunks of peaches with some almond milk and the opt. ingredients (if you choose to use them)
3. Pour into an ice pop mold, pop on the stick, and freeze!

*Tip: use peaches that aren't quite ripe. The riper they are, the mushier they get and the harder it is to grill them in my opinion. Plus, the heat will caramelize the sugars anyways and make'em sweeter.

xoxo, Hannah

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