June 15, 2014

Fruit Tart: Gluten-Free, Naturally Sweetened, Paleo

For my Dad's birthday, which was yesterday, I made him a fruit tart inspired by the fruit tarts that we used to get from Wegman's all the time. Now Wegman's fruit tarts are absolutely amazing; the crust tastes like a chewy sugar cookie while the pastry cream was sweet and light. At the same time though, my dad can't eat sugar or iron, and I wanted to make something that I (lactose intolerant and very sensitive to gluten) could enjoy at the same time. So I played around and made a gluten-free tart crust that tastes like carrot cake and a pastry cream that was naturally sweetened and dairy-free.

My Dad is extremely allergic to a lot of fruits, berries in particular, in the spring season due to all of the pollen, so the fruits that I used were just some apples (not organic so I peeled them) and peaches. I decorated with some cacao nibs and coconut flakes to match the whole "orangey-tropical" theme of the tart.

Recipe: Fruit Tart
By: Hannah Claudia

For the Carrot Cake Crust:

2-3 carrots, shredded
5-6 dates, pitted and chopped
about 2 cups of unsweetened coconut flakes


1. Add the coconut flakes to a food processor and blitz it all up for about 1 minute.
2. Add the dates and blitz until everything is well combined.
3. Add the carrots, pulse a couple times, and then form the crust in a prepared pan.

For the Pastry Cream
Adapted from: Sweet Paleo

2 cups of milk
1 tablespoon of vanilla extract
5 egg yolks
1/8 cup of stevia
1/4 cup of tapioca flour (use tapioca flour if you want it to be paleo, but I used cornstarch)
1 tablespoon of vanilla extract


1. Heat the milk and 1 tablespoon vanilla extract until just about boiling.
2. Mix the rest of the ingredients together. Add about 1/2 of the hot milk into the egg mixture
and stir so you don't scramble the eggs.
3. Transfer the egg-milk mixture back into the pot with the milk and bring to a boil. Remove from the heat when the cream has thickened.
4. (opt) Strain the cream through a fine sieve to extract any scrambled egg bits (I skipped this step because it was just family who was eating the tart!)
5. Cover with plastic wrap directly over the cream to avoid a skin from forming.
6. When it has cooled, pour the cream on top of the crust.

For the fruit tart:
any fruits that you want ;)

~ I let the cream set up in the fridge before adding the fruit but I don't think it really matters~

As you can see, the pastry cream solidified in the fridge and turned out to be more like a jello, but it still tasted great! I think that it made slicing a lot easier since the crust was much thinner. Don't judge, but I ate three pieces...and hey, it's totally okay though because there's no added sugar, dairy, gluten :)

I know I'm not a professional cake decorator or anything, but given that I didn't have any berries to just plop on top of the tart, I think that I did an okay job. Besides, it tasted good so who cares? ;D

Happy Father's Day to all those dads out there ;) Maybe you'll make this for your dad?

xoxo, Hannah

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