June 9, 2014

DIY Donut Pillow

National Donut Day was just a couple days ago! But instead of waiting until next year to celebrate donut day, make a donut pillow so you can enjoy it everyday ;)

1. Cut two square pieces of brown fabric (as big or as small as you want)

2. Cut a circle out of the middle. I layered the two squares on top of each other and folded them into quarters so it'd be easier to cut an even-ish circle ;)

3. Trim the edges so they're curved.

4. Measure out a pink piece of fabric that's roughly about the same size as the donut.
Trim the inner circle and outer curve of the brown fabric onto the pink fabric and cut.

5. Trim a little bit more on the inner and outer edges of the pink fabrics if you want the "frosting" to be a bit smaller.

6. Get some scrap fabric and start cutting some sprinkles!

7. Hot glue the sprinkles onto the pink frosting. Hot glue the pink frosting onto one of the donut fabrics.

8. Flip the two donut fabrics inside out (good sides on the inside) and hot glue the outer edges together.

9. Flip the donut inside out and hot glue 2/3 of the inner circles together.

10. Stuff the donut! The reason why you want to glue the inner circle 2/3 of the way first before stuffing it is because it gets REALLY messy trying to glue it after it's stuffed.

11. Hot glue the rest of the donut up and you're done!

let me know how this project goes for you!
you can even use patterned fabric for the frosting if you don't want to spend so much time cutting out sprinkles ;)

xoxo, hannah

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