June 10, 2014

DIY Advent Calendar

Here's a very simple way to make your own homemade advent calendar:

the materials you will need are: gift box/clothing cardboard box, wrapping paper, construction paper, scotch tape and/or glue, masking tape, scissors, pencil

1. Cut the side flaps off of the lid of the box

2. On the lid, draw out as many boxes (for the number of days) you want
and cut three sides out (to make flaps).

3. Close the lid but keep the flaps open, and use your pencil to outline the little boxes onto the bottom of the box.

4. Use the pieces of the flaps that you cut out, attach them to the box outlines on the bottom of the box using masking tape. You may need to cut the flaps in half to make thinner strips so the lid can close over the little cubbies.

i ran out of cardboard, so for the corners, i just did the best i could with what i had left ;)

5. Cover the lid with wrapping paper and tape it down.

6. From the inside of the lid, cut out the parts of the wrapping paper that are covering the flaps that you cut out.

7. Trace the flaps onto a piece of construction paper and glue/tape the construction paper onto the front side of the flaps.

8. label the flaps!

9. All done with the advent calendar box! Now just fill each day with a goodie :)

I filled mine with honey roasted peanuts, mini Kit Kats, a lavender hand sanitizer from B&BW, 
a robins-egg blue nail polish by wet 'n wild, and a pack of Trident island berry lime gum.

*Tip: tape down the goodies in the advent calendar to prevent them from getting into the other days' compartments and to make everything neater.

Goodie ideas: 

Girly-girls: nail polish, chapstick/lipstick, blush, eye shadow, mini hand sanitizer
For anyone: candy, gum, headphones, gift cards, fuzzy socks

Get creative with the advent calendars too! You can make them themed for special holidays or give them out as special gifts for someone!

have fun!

xoxo, hannah

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