June 17, 2014

Date Milk

When I started eating a lot healthier, I kept seeing dates or hearing about dates in a lot of websites/books/videos, and I had never really thought much of them. I tried eating dates over the winter, but they were the dried versions. I did like them and I loved how they were quite sweet, but since they were dried, they weren't that versatile in some of the recipes that I tried out because the texture was just off.

But it's summer now, and I'm guessing that dates are in season because my local Sam's club (wholesale store that pretty much only sells fresh fruits/vegetables that are in season most of the time since they do have to sell large quantities of food for cheaper prices) sells fresh Medjool dates now! I got them and ohhhhh my gosh let me tell you that taste so freaking good. They're soft, chewy, suuuuper sweet, and they're a lot easier to incorporate into desserts (especially my coconut carrot cake bites). I've also been loving drinking date milk;
I first decided to blend up dates with my almond milk after sweetening a red bean soup that my mom made with dates, but apparently it's a big thing now. But instead of almond milk, the recipes that I've seen blend the dates with water instead. I need to drink more almond milk though, so I'll stick with that, and besides, I think it's definitely a lot richer than water and more of a "dessert" drink instead ;)

Recipe: Date Milk
By: Hannah Claudia

1 cup of unsweetened almond milk
2-3 dates, chopped
(opt) cinnamon


1. Blend everything up ;)

Pretty simple recipe, but I think it's a nice substitute for hot chocolate on those super hot summer nights ;)
If you want a milk-free version, you can by all means just use some water instead. You can make it richer by blending in a banana as well or even substitute the water for coconut water :)!

xoxo, Hannah

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