June 6, 2014

Bake Sale/Fundraiser Tips

pina colada, coconut macaroons, and the best chocolate chip cookies ever.
people LOVE them. but then why didn't I have as successful as a fundraiser bake sale?
here's why:

1. I overestimated the amount of food that I should sell.

2. I also didn't take into consideration how much of a specific ingredient comes in a single
package. For example, there is more than enough brown sugar in one package for two batches of dough,
but I chose to buy two packages.

3. Therefore, I bought way too many ingredients, so I spent a lot of money.

4. Consequently, I made too many products.

5. Not many people bought the stuff I brought. 

6. I'm stuck with all these leftovers and I didn't plan another tabling fundraiser for the next
day to get rid of the leftovers.

Remember: it's okay to run out of baked goods/products! people will still donate if they walk by! 
 it's not okay to have excess products because then you lose wayy too much time and money.
(nobody bought cookies and i made about fifty some).

With those cookies I had leftover, they were fully baked, but I froze them and I'm planning on selling them next week. I'll thaw them and then bake them at around 250*F for maybe 20 minutes to just get them 
back to the normal texture.

happy fundraising!

xoxo, Hannah

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