June 8, 2014

all growed up

a couple weeks ago, my brother turned fifteen. this little boy already fifteen?! birthdays are always super special to me; to me, someone's birthday is the day to truly appreciate that person and make them feel super special. now for some odd reason, my birthdays have always had some major disaster, so i guess that's why i try to make everyone else's super special? i just don't want any bad things happening to other people on their birthdays cause that would actually make me cry.

but anyways, my brother and i are incredibly close; we have our crazy arguments but at the end of the day, i'm always very protective of this kid and i spoil him like crazy. naturally, i had to try to go overboard with his big one-five day. 

for his breakfast, i made him a waffle sandwich: homemade waffles smothered in homemade maple butter, a couple slices of smoked gouda, couple strips of bacon, some scrambled eggs, and a couple avocado slices.

now for his gift, i supplied my parent's with the best gift idea ever and they got him tickets to a NY Red Bulls (soccer) game! (and since it was my idea, i kinda took partial credit for the gift ;) )
the gift i bought him myself was a little food basket. he's always scanning the fridge and pantry afterschool for something to eat, and he always ends up just heating up some leftovers that aren't that great for him. i tried to find some healthier junk food items and i also threw in two super unhealthy items that i just knew he'd like since we used to eat them ALL the time as kids.

if you look closely, you can see two fruit leather candies aka the healthy, organic, all-natural version of fruit roll-ups. i think he was most excited about those because he immediately put one of them in his backpack to eat at school.

these are dairy-free from Trader Joe's, and my brother was kind enough to share them ;) it's basically just orange jelly candies covered in milk-free chocolate.

these are the super unhealthy items that i got him ;) pasta sides were a staple in my childhood diet (i was an insanely unhealthy kid, i mean i'm talking about ice cream cake and pie for breakfast but i could get away with it because i was so active).

and these edamame crackers (gluten-free) are also from Trader Joe's and we've had them before, so i knew they'd be a safe choice ;)

and lastly, i put my heart and soul into a little book (made of construction paper) with a very very very long letter and lots of photos :)

a classic tradition for his birthday: an ice cream cake from coldstone!
he's gotten the birthday cake one (party cake ice cream aka sweet cream ice cream with sprinkles mixed in with red velvet cake and kit kats on top) but he wanted to try something new this year so he asked for the strawberry ice cream cake (strawberry ice cream with red velvet cake) and my mom asked for some kit kats to be put on top just for him ;)

he's fifteen. which means we're only a year apart for the next couple months before my birthday.
happy birthday bro

xoxo, hannah

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