May 23, 2014

Moist Banana Cake (Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, No Sugar Added) ::Grandpa's Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday dear Grandpa :)

Last year, I made a more extravagant looking cake;
I made a similar banana bread cake batter and poured it into
a bundt pan like I did this year, but I also filled the middle with
my homemade cashew blueberry cream cheese.
I didn't have any cashews on hand this year, so I just topped the cake
with extra coconut flakes. Another change in this year's cake is that
it's gluten free, so it was suuuuuper moist and soft and fluffy and good.
It's healthy but even my brother, who's a total guy's guy and loves guy food,
really liked the cake and went back for seconds ;).


The only thing different with this cake than from the muffin is that I baked the cake
in a bundt pan. Before adding the batter, I greased the pan and added chopped walnuts
and unsweetened coconut flakes to the bottom. Then I poured in the batter and baked for
about 30-35 minutes. 

I added chia seeds to the batter to see if they would show
up like poppyseeds, but I guess I didn't add enough because 
you could barely see them ;)
Regardless, the cake tasted really good 

the highlight of that day was probably the fact that my brother wanted more ;)

xoxo, Hannah

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