May 27, 2014

Guy Food: Grilled Cheese, Healthier Layered Chip Dip, and Mac & Cheese

I love cooking for my brother, and the other day, when my mom and I picked up 
some gouda cheese for him, I decided that I'd make some "guy food" for him using the gouda.
The classic guy foods that are simple to whip up in my opinion are: grilled cheese, mac & cheese (no hot dogs at home so my poor brother had to live without that), and nachos/chips & dip.

Gouda Grilled Cheese:

i tried grilling the cheese itself with some smoked paprika
and black pepper, but i don't have a non-stick pan so that
kind of failed. 

I had a tough time melting the cheese so I guess I sliced it too
thick? I'm still kind of iffy on why the cheese didn't melt well
since i did shred it as thinly as possible, but my brother still loved it.

Healthier Layered Chip & Dip:

great way to use up leftover black beans (dried then boiled then
refrigerated) and corn (on the cob and cut off).

heat up the black beans and corn.
season with smoked paprika and black pepper
(no need for salt; chips are salty enough!)

you can melt the gouda first, but the beans & corn
were warm enough to soften them up.

i like onions or scallions in my guac, but my brother
just likes it plain.

garnish with some smoked paprika

now of course, chips are never healthy (would have preferred
to give my brother homemade tortillas baked to crisp or 
blue corn tortilla chips) but the dip doesn't have a lot of bad things in it.
the bean dip is whole and healthy; it's something that I'd eat as a salad!

Mac & Cheese

used some leftover pasta with mixed veggies. simply make a roux;
1 tablespoon butter and 1 tablespoon of flour and 1 cup of milk. When the mixture
thickens, add your cheese. The higher the cheese sauce to pasta ratio, 
the creamier the mac & cheese. My brother prefers it like this without 
baking it in the oven like a casserole, so I just served it just as.

Next step: feed this boy CLEAN but tasty versions of guy food

xoxo, Hannah

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