May 29, 2014

Food Diary: Beet Salad, Creamy Vegetables and Tofu Power Plate

First of all, before I get into what i ate, let me just say:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best brother ever :)



beets are beautiful. I just steamed the beets for 45-ish minutes
and ran them under water to peel the skins off.

toss 'em in a salad with chopped spinach, 1/2 an avocado,
and 1/2 a tomato and drizzle on hummus dressing ;)
voila, a lunch that is ten times better than any school lunch.

hummus dressing:


I need a new name for my "creamy vegetables" that I love.
(seriously, I could actually eat japanese pumpkins and avocados
and nothing else for life and be perfectly content)

to balance out the plate, i couldnt' resist adding my grandpa's tofu.
he boiled it with some corn, carrots, and some type of vegetable?
and of course, some bok choy cause you need more greens.

xoxo, Hannah

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