May 3, 2014

DIY: How to Make an Oversized Sweater into a Fitted Sweater

My cousin Cam (
got me this super soft and cute mint/tiffany blue mustache sweater
and I love wearing it around the house since it's a super loose
and baggy sweater, but I get a little uncomfortable wearing it in public
since the "off the shoulder" look with this sweater is on the more scandalous 
and less trendy side ;)

Here's how I (with my mom's help of course!) made the sweater more fitted:

1. Lay the sweater flat, inside-out

2. Use another sweater as a guide and use it as an outline and trace
the outline of the desired fit on your oversized sweater

3. Sew along those outlines (this is where I needed my mom's help!)

4. Cut off the excess fabric after sewing and there you go!

xoxo, Hannah

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