April 5, 2014

Vegan, Gluten-Free::Soaked Oatmeal Granola

lately, I've been binge-eating nuts :(
UGH they're just so darn addicting.
My stomach can't handle a ton of nuts since they do contain
enzyme inhibitors that weaken my digestion,
so I've been researching more and more about soaking nuts and oats.
I was planning on making some granola (to satiate my craving for something crunchy
without eating even more nuts), and I experimented with soaking the oats first. 
Here's how it went down:

I soaked the oats in some water for about 5 hours (I know, 7 minimum, but whatever)
I drained as much water as possible and was left with a mushy, oatmeal mixture.

I mixed in some flax seed meal to try to thicken up the mixture.

I added nearly a cup of unsweetened coconut flakes.

The mixture was still really thick so I made cookies instead.
After 15 minutes of baking the cookies at 350*F, 
the cookies came out tasting like those "breakfast cookies"
that are so hyped about (but have a really weird texture).
They were still really soft on the inside but crispy on the outside,
so I broke up the cookies into granola sized pieces and baked them for
about 30 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes.

The granola is bland but honestly, if I make good granola,
it's gonna have a ton of nuts and that'll only continue my addiction.
I'll probably top some chia seed pudding with the granola
or have simply have it with some almond milk :)

By the way, I binge-ate honey flavored chex the other day too x(
AGHHHH I know, I know. I can do so much better.
I rarely eat processed foods, but we just had it in the pantry
and I needed something crunchy and I went for it and ate nearly 1/2 the
box in one night. I haven't eaten sugary cereal in nearly a year,
and I was so easily hooked. Not proud of that night,
but I'm moving on by making some sugar-free granola. 

Let's hope my addiction to nuts fades away!

xoxo, Hannah

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