April 16, 2014

Vegan, Gluten-Free::Homemade Sushi

Disclaimer: I'm not a pro-sushi chef nor am I Japanese, 
but I love sushi and I've been making homemade sushi since
I was six, so here's my way of making it!

Recipe: Homemade Sushi
                                                                     By: Hannah Claudia        

Basic Sushi Recipe:
Roasted, salted seaweed sheets

(opt: cucumber slices, avocado slices, bean sprouts,
tofu, furikake, sesame seeds, etc.)

My Vegan twists:
-instead of caviar, I topped the sushi with my Japanese carrot-ginger dressing!
-instead of crab salad in the middle, I used roasted red-pepper hummus

1. Lay a sheet of seaweed flat. 
2. Add some rice to the top portion. (the more rice, the larger the sushi pieces)
3. Add any fillings that you want 
4. Slowly and gently roll the seaweed like a burrito ;)
5. When you get an inch from the end of the seaweed sheet, dab your fingers
in some water and wet the ends to make them stick.
6. Slice the end pieces off and eat them ;)
7. Proceed to cutting the individual sushi pieces

Furikake is a rice seasoning; if you're vegetarian/vegan,
make sure you read the ingredients! Sometimes it will contain
dried bonito flakes (fish flakes). 
It's usually made of seaweed, salt, sesame seeds and it's really good!

The end pieces are usually mostly just seaweed, so just cut them off
to make the sushi look more presentable!

doens't the Japanese carrot-ginger dressing look like caviar?!

yumyum ;)

Fun fact: one of my favorite foods is sushi.
I personally don't think it's very healthy; it contains a lot of rice
and is very calorie-dense, but it's a whole lot better than the typical burger.

If you want to make your rice like sushi rice, 
mix equal parts of sushi/rice vinegar, orange juice and 
sesame oil. Use this mixture to marinade some rice. 

xoxo, Hannah

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