April 22, 2014

Simple, Light, & Easy::Spring Lunch Ideas

Here are some ideas for a light lunch! 
They're super simple and easy to throw together the night before,
and they're vegan & gluten-free too ;)

1. Watermelon & Cucumber salad: 
it's pretty much all in the name; slice some watermelon and
cucumbers and throw'em in a container. Add some mint 
if you'd like and if you want to sweeten things up, make a simple
syrup (but to be honest, you won't really need it).

2. Vegan Sushi:
I don't eat rice very often, but you can absolutely substitute
black rice or brown rice or quinoa for white rice when you make sushi!
There's a lot less rice in my sushi rolls than the ones that you find in typical
stores or restaurants and I try to add more vegetables (my favorites are
sliced cucumbers and avocados!)

3. Balsamic Mushrooms & Peas:
I know, it seems like a really plain looking lunch, but
honestly, I freaking love green peas and if I'm
really not that hungry, I'll just have a simple lunch like this!

So that's it, those are my simple spring lunch ideas for you!

xoxo, Hannah

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