April 6, 2014

Quick Tip: How to De-Salt Salted Nuts

Nuts are super addicting snacks and they're great to eat
in moderation (...i'm still working on that...). My family has received
some salted nuts as gifts and they taste so good! However, they're way too salty
for my taste (I rarely add salt to my food). Here's my quick tip for de-salting salted nuts:

1. Quickly rinse them with some water. 

Don't worry about the nuts getting soggy, they should still retain
they're crunchy texture for a while.

2. The water will start to get cloudy and feel "slippery" ---that's from all the salt.
After 10-20 seconds of rinsing the nuts, drain the water.

all done ;)

see how quick that was? and the nuts are no longer so salty that
you'll have to down a liter of water after eating one piece.
I don't recommend doing this ahead of time since you don't want the 
nuts to lose their crunchy texture. and plus, there's really no need to do this ahead
of time since it's such a quick process.

Another tip that has helped me with portion-control (aka binge-eating nuts):
chop them into smaller pieces!

Hope this tip helped!

xoxo, Hannah

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